Master’s Degree


The selection of Master’s students follows the criteria set out in the calls for applications that are published periodically by the program. The admission of students to the program depends on the availability of supervisors and funds for the research. There are no guarantees of scholarships for those approved in the selection process.

Students who completed their undergraduate degrees abroad are eligible to apply, provided that their degree is recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). The degree certificate must be verified and approved by the PPGECO Delegate Council.

Calls for applications are announced on the program’s website. We recommend that you check the website periodically for new publications. Information can also be requested to the Integrated Graduate Office (SIPG) by email ‒

Since 2019, affirmative action and socio-economic criteria are considered for the ranking of applicants and the distribution of scholarships, in line with other selection processes at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.


Once admitted to the program, students must define a research project for their thesis according to the Complementary Regulations available from the Regulations menu on this website. They must also decide which courses to take. These decisions must be made in agreement with the supervisor.

The master’s degree has a minimum requirement of 24 (twenty-four) credits, 12 (twelve) of which must be completed in required courses.

Required courses are: Ecology of Communities and Ecosystems, Population Ecology, Field Ecology, and Seminars I. The Program Coordinator advises new students to also take Basic Statistics, Ecology Lectures, and Teaching Practicum.

Students who are not enrolled in any courses will be required to enroll in the “Dissertation or Thesis Preparation” course, under penalty of being withdrawn from the program.

Proof of proficiency in foreign languages will be requested. Students in the master’s program must provide proof of proficiency in one foreign language upon enrollment or during their first year in the program. Foreign students will be requested to take proficiency exams in the Portuguese language.

For more information, check the Program’s Bylaws and Resolutions, available from the Regulations menu on this website.