The objective of the Graduate Program in Ecology (PPGECO), at the master’s and doctoral levels, is to contribute with attitudes, concepts, techniques and methodologies for the development of research and the production of debates that, combined with professional qualification, have the potential to generate responses to current challenges in the environmental field.

The PPGECO provides a solid foundation for students to become higher education professors, researchers or experts in Ecology, contributing to public policies and/or products that favor the management or conservation of ecological systems.

The program is organized as an integrated array of course, research, outreach and academic activities. The multidisciplinary approach, international courses, teaching experiences, and more recent scientific dissemination activities are a prominent part of our program.

Some activities involve all students, faculty, graduates and external participants in a cordial environment of intense scientific debate. The PPGECO Academic Week  (SAPECO) is an annual event that provides opportunities for discussing science, projects and research results. Students present their work in English, in the format of three-minute talks. Complementarily, the Winter course in Ecology provides the students with opportunities to teach undergraduates and develop event organization skills.

We are surrounded by exuberant natural areas in different ecosystems and great social diversity. Environmental sustainability and social inclusion are key concerns of the program, applied in practice to all activities.